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We specialize in bears, but we always enjoy a custom order! We have a great knack for capturing very natural, realistic positions in each carving.
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It all starts with a log and a drawing. The shape is roughed out of the log and is slowly carved into shape. The process is amazing to watch, and the results are incredible.

After the carving is complete, the final character is sanded, painted and detailed. The result is a highly detailed, one of a kind piece of amazing art.

You may have a special retirement present in mind, or perhaps a favorite pet you want carved. The best way to start is to supply photographs or even a very rough drawing (a stick figure will work just fine). We'll put you in touch with John, and he'll work up a sketch. After the sketch is altered to your satisfaction, he'll begin your carving.
We offer a great line of whimsical bear carvings to compliment your tree house. We have a great knack for capturing very natural, realistic positions in each carving.

Standard carvings are made from second growth redwood. Redwood is an ideal wood to carve because it's naturally more durable than most woods, and it does not tend to check or crack as much as other soft woods.

The eyes of each carving are glass taxidermy eyes! We're always asked, "How'd you guys get the eyes in there?" by amazed customers. Well that's a trade secret, but one thing's for sure- they look incredibly real!

Most custom carvings are priced from $7500.00 and up. If you have an idea, or see something you like, email or call for a quote.
All our carvings are made from high quality Old Growth and Second Growth Redwood. These materials create high quality long lasting carvings.

Old Growth Redwood
Over 100 years ago, these stumps were the bases of 250 foot tall, old growth redwoods. However, when the timber companies came through, they took everything they could mill, but left the stumps behind. Luckily, because redwood is the most durable wood in the world, the stumps still stand today. Long dead, they still display the immense size and girth of the original majestic trees. The stumps range in size from 6 feet in diameter to over 16 feet in diameter, dwarfing even the largest stump we've ever had!

The amazing thing is, the heart wood (the red part of redwood) of these stumps is still amazingly clean and unrotted. Even though this wood was literally between 800 and 2000 years old when it was cut 120 years ago, it's still just as solid and structural as ever. Talk about having a piece of American history in your back yard! Once hollowed out and placed on a concrete pad, the trees will most likely last for another 200 years. How's that for longevity?

Second Growth Redwood
So, what is second-growth wood? Second-growth usually denotes trees that grew in an area following logging or other disturbance that removed the old trees. The growth rings in second-growth trees are spaced much further apart. Second-growth redwoods often grow very fast. The trees in Burlington Campground were logged about 80 years ago. The second-growth trees there are now almost 200 feet tall. Given ideal conditions of water, sunlight, and nutrients, a redwood can grow as much as six feet or more a year! Because they grow so tall so fast, the growth rings are wide and spaced far apart.
A perfect tree house deserves a perfect carving... like one from Master Carver John Daniels. John's been carving for about 17 years now, and he's been doodling and drawin' ever since he was in grammar school.

His work speaks for itself. John uses old growth redwood logs that are as old as 2000 years for his spectacular carvings. Life size characters are priced from $5000 and up. Take a look at the custom carving gallery and tell us what you think!
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