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Shooting Gallery

Templeton, CA

- Oversized Log & Clubhouse
- Log Cabin Siding
- Balcony
- Lodge Pole Railing
- Bear Head Corner Posts
- Turbo Spiral Slide
- 2 Position Log Swing Beam
- Bubba Bear Carving
- Bear Bench
- Log Support Posts
- Rust Accent Package
We know that many of you out there really enjoy log homes and log cabins, and back in 2004 we received a request to build a log cabin tree house. This design was based on a variation of our standard Monkey Mansion Tree House, however it was sided with real log home logs!

We also created a swing beam out of a 12" diameter log and hired ol' Big Bubba the bear to hold up his end of the swing set just for the family's special little ones. These particular moose antlers came straight from Alaska, but our faux antlers look just like the real thing too! We're willing to bet you've never seen a tree cabin like this before!
Rustic log cabin playhouse with awesome custom features for your backyard
Wonderful crooked kids fort with unique log siding and fun moose antlers
Whimsical wood carvings offer fun rugged seating. For residential or commercial use
A burly bear wood carving holds up a custom swing set for this amazing rustic playhouse
Wonderful rustic materials such as crooked shingles and rugged awesome logs adorn this amazing custom kid's playhouse
Bear head post wood carvings and a crooked tin stovepipe top off this unique custom play set
This beautifully stained backyard play fort is also decked with rustic lanterns and whimsical knick-knacks
A whimsical work-in-progress, this exciting backyard playhouse sports a wonderful twisty slide and fun tire swing
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