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Many of the designs we produce for clients are entirely custom. If you want Robin Hood, Tiki Huts, Old West, a giant Pirate Ship, you name it, we can build and deliver a truly unique piece.
Custom Tree Houses Categories:

Pirates Pirate Ship
Amazing pirate ships to help theme any backyard.
Forts Forts
We build custom play forts that add amazing design with loads of fun!
Castles Castles
Knights and princesses have wonderful adventures with our imaginative castles.
Rustic Rustic
We bring the rural country into our Rustic tree house designs.
Tropical Tropical
These nautical designs bring thoughts of tropical paradise.
Extreme Extreme
We dream up amazing and extreme tree houses.

We design play houses to fit any yard or style. Our builders excel in creating curved walls, crooked windows and wild designs. They use traditional building and finish skills to create some of the worlds most amazing creations.

Our builders can construct to the most demanding standards and to demanding budgets. We go over all the details, and dont ship a product until we are happy with the results.

There's nothin' quite like the challenge of a custom order. We're proud to offer an incredible panel of talent. We have a team of 11 designers and sales people that can work together with you to develop a concept into a reality.

These designers include 4 crazy artists, a graphic designer, a certified architect, a mathematician and a mechanical engineer!

A custom project will start with an initial phone call from you. You can tell us your thoughts, and we'll share ours. We work with you until we have the design that blows you away.

Once your project is built, we work with you to install the project, or we will install it for you. Either way, we arent happy until you and your family are happy.
Nearly anything can be an inspiration for a and custom tree house. We can build your tree house around existing trees, create an airplane tree house, use trucks or boats, canons or skeletons, antiques or even custom carvings.

Wanna throw us a curve ball? For example, we'd like to try Viking, Aztec, Greek, Underwater, Outer Space, Egyptian or Samurai themes, etc. Give us a call and give us a challenge.
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