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La Jolla, CA

- 8‘ x 8‘ Octagonal Clubhouse
- Oversized Log
- 14‘ Dia. Catwalk
- Spiral Staircase
- Rope & Pulley System
- Monkey Bars
- 3 Swings
- Turbo Spiral Slide
This amazing kids play house is located in La Jolla, CA. This La Jolla Lighthouse features a 8‘ x 8‘ clubhouse and a 14‘ diameter catwalk that wraps around the clubhouse! The hollow log was big enough to be its own playhouse with it‘s 4‘ x 4‘ floor! It overlooks the ocean in La Jolla, so we gave it a bit of a nautical feel. It also features a steel spiral staircase and a rope and pulley system so the kids can lift their toys and snacks up to the second story! Playground components include monkey bars, 3 swings and a spiral slide.
This awesome tree fort with a wonderful wrap-around deck is truly unique
The creative clubhouse being installed in a residential neighborhood
A beautiful backyard setting welcomes this creative crooked treehouse
This rustic kid's playhouse has swings, rugged monkey bars, and fun spiral stairs
A wonderful rustic entrance welcomes visitors to this whimsical backyard playhouse
Rustic ropes, bent buckets, and crooked shingles make this residential tree house fun
A fun turbo slide, rugged rustic railings, and bent dormer windows make this custom kid's play fort inventive
Creative concept art of a unique tilted custom play house
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