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Shooting Gallery

A shooting Gallery reminiscent of the original Coney Island, New York carnival or circus galleries
Our heckling fox dressed as a carny caller.
Conveyor Ships that sink when shot
The traditional ducks that flip back when shot
Crackshot Carny

Step right up and test yer metal with a little lead. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Whether you have all yer teeth or just missing a few, The Crackshot Carny Shooting Gallery is a dead ringer for a good time!

Reminiscent of the Coney Island Boardwalk, this nostalgic shooting gallery challenges players and offers fantastic entertainment. Shoot the ducks, sink the ships, and fly the cans... you'll soon feel like you're playing a classic bb-gun alley in an old fashion carnival.
4 Gun Targets
1 - Heckler
1 - 6 Target Quick-Shot Game
4 - Large Flip-back Targets
5 - Small Flip-back Targets
8 - Fly-up Cans

8 Gun Targets
2 - Hecklers
2 - 6 Target Quick-Shot Game
8 - Large Flip-back Targets
10 - Small Flip-back Targets
16 Fly-up Cans

12 Gun Targets
3 - Hecklers
3 - 6 Target Quick-Shot Game
12 - Large Flip-back Targets
15 - Small Flip-back Targets
24 Fly-up Cans
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