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Shooting Gallery

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DWL has revolutionized shooting galleries! There are other shooting gallery builders out there, but we're not trying to beat them at their own game.. we're changing the rules altogether.

Shooting Gallery Features:

• Heckling Characters who tell jokes and tease onlookers
• Rotating Target Shows
• Multi-Action Targets
• Quick Shot Challenge
• Self Redemption
• Attract Mode
• 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
• Bonus Pricing Structure
• 2 Ways to Play
• Customer Reprogrammable

Concept Drawings
 Over the last 3 years, we've incorporated modern technologies and tried and true concepts from the amusement game world into our system in order to draw in players, captivate them, reinforce/reward them for playing, and, most of all, maximize revenue!

Exclusive Shooting Gallery Features:

A. 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound effects on every target and every gun- the system takes into account the 3D coordinate of every target when it plays each sound effect

B. Rotating target responses- Every time you hit a target, it responds with a different sound effect and show.

C. Heckling characters- They tell jokes, tease players and entertain onlookers.

D. Automatic Prize Dispensing- System dispenses prizes for appropriate score achievements in order to reinforce play

E. 2 ways to play- Players can decide if they want to pay for 18 shots with plenty of time, or 1 minute with unlimited shots. Drives customers to play multiple times!

F. Bonus pricing- Gives players incentive to dig a little deeper. For example, 1 game for $2 or 3 games for $5. Most players go for the bonus $5.00!

G. Attract Mode: when gallery is idle for a certain period, it plays itself to attract paying customers!

H. Multi-Actuator targets: most gallery makers live by the old fashioned 1 target=1 identical movement every time. That's ok for some targets, but a we believe each gallery should have several more exiting targets, like a 12 actuator talking 1942 Chevrolet pickup truck, that's programmed with 15 unique shows, or an obnoxious crow with 3 actuators that's programmed with 8 unique shows, or an angry Taliban Squirrel with and RPG, 2 actuators and 7 unique shows. These types of exciting primary targets bring life and real entertainment to a shooting gallery!
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