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We are a full service theming and design company located on the beautiful central coast of California. We specialize in designing and fabricating incredible promotion sets and themed environments for film & television, theme parks, fairgrounds, family entertainment centers, casinos, restaurants, mini-golf courses, playgrounds, and retail stores.
Theming Categories:

Themed Environments Themed Environments
Environments that create muse and wonder.
Promotions Promotions
Pieces created for Corporate Promotions.
Facades Facades
Creating whimsical facades to open spaces.
Props Props
Wonderful props to create our designs.
Faux Trees Faux Trees
Artificial trees that are economical and amazing!
Animatronics Animatronics
Animatronics that move our designs.
Full Service Theming Company
DWL handles all aspect of theming from concept creation to installation. Our project managers work together with our artists and artisans to create your masterpiece, whatever it may be. No part of the project is too small for our attention. We build most pieces in house, but we have a rolodex full of people ready to help if needed.

The Benefits of Theming
We build themes to enhance your business. A DWL themed facade outside your building will draw attention and differentiate your business from your competitors. A faux tree inside your restaurant will create a welcoming atmosphere for your patrons. Our creations add fun and interest to any environment

From Complex to Simple Jobs
DWL Theming has the staff and support to handle any theming project. Our project managers have a great deal of experience in large and small building projects. We also have the flexibility to tackle your simple tasks. We enjoy all projects that are creative and unusual.

Skilled Artists
We staff a complete range of artists and artisans. Our whole group is a mix of talented individuals who have a myriad of backgrounds. We apply those backgrounds and experiences to create amazing projects. Our projects are collaborations of designers, builders, fabricators and painters all brought together to create something memorable.

Fun Designs
Our company started off by taking design to the extreme. Our artist enjoy nothing more than a creative challenge. The more crooked, whimsical or extreme makes things better. We know that these elements make our designs fun to look at and interact with, creating something that seems implausible but is right there in front of you.

Food tastes better under a tree
It's a fact. With a DWL faux tree in your restaurant, the customers will swear the food tastes better. It adds that bit of country picnic to any restaurant. Add fireflies and ambient music to complete the scene. We create a relaxing calming atmosphere your customers will enjoy almost too much.

Steel and wood fabrication
DWL has a complete steel and wood fabrication department. Our metal fabricators can tackle jobs from the simple support to the exacting engineered structure. Our wood fabricators have proved themselves to be second to none. Whether a finished cabinet, or a weathered old barn, they have the skills and knowledge to create any look and design.

Lightweight foam construction
For years now, we have specialized in foam construction. From a 15ft tall Eddie Murphy bust to a small critter we have the ability to create anything we come up with. We use state of the art tools and techniques to mill and carve our sculptures. We have a 3D department that can model up world class model which we render out on our large format CNC mill.

GFRC construction.
New to the DWL toolset, we can create nearly any piece you need with the sturdy fiberglass reinforced GFRC concrete. Whether you need a long lasting faux tree, or a play structure for you business we can fabricate our amazing designs in long lasting detail.
On October 9, 1890, P.T. Barnum said, "The noblest art is that of making others happy." Please think for a moment of how a Daniels Wood Land themed product will make your customers feel. If you let us help you make them happy, you can be sure they'll become loyal and valuable as they return again and again.

Our extensive list of clients include The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Fox Home Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Warner Home Video, The Big Fresno Fair, and celebrities such as Clint Eastwood, Brooke Burke, NBA star Jason Kidd, and Vanessa Williams.
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