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We build The Only Tree Houses in the World That Come With Their Own Tree! They're the most whimsical tree houses on the planet. Our designs invoke playful emotions in both young and old.
Tree House Models:

The Original Tree House
Includes a clubhouse on a 7ft hollowed log.
R.L. Blair Country Playhouse
A unique versitile clubhouse design to fit most budgets
Tommy's Turbo
Adds more play with a balcony and turbo slide.
Monkey Mansion
Perfect for those active children with balcony, swings, slide and monkey bars.
Scallywag Sloop
An amazing Pirate Ship Tree House which includes a hand made bow.
The Monstro
A large 8ftx8ft tree house on a massive 8-10ft log.
Each tree house is built in two main pieces: the playhouse and the log. The playhouse is made from cedar or redwood siding. The log is a real, old fallen tree that we hollow out using a chainsaw! To get into the playhouse, simply enter the door in the hollow log, climb up the ladder in the center of the log and pull yourself through the trap door in the floor of the playhouse. Kids or no kids, our tree houses are incredible additions to any landscape!

Every tree house is a unique creation. That's because no two logs are exactly alike. Although they each differ, they're all extraordinary! Most tree houses are about 14' tall. The average log is about 4' in diameter. It's a snug fit, but a large adult can easily climb inside and stand straight up with room to spare.

Why purchase ordinary swing sets and other playground equipment? Our tree houses are incredible play sets that double as a centerpiece in your landscape!
Some benefits of owning a tree house:

When your children grow up, they will have priceless memories of the most whimsical playhouse a kid ever had. They add value and curb appeal to your home. They create a fun place in your yard where your kids will want to play- a place where you can see them and know they are safe.

They provide a reason to go outside and engage in activities that promote physical strength, balance, confidence, coordination, social development, imagination and more.

They are incredible conversation pieces. Your friends and family will line up for a tour.

Every time you see your tree house, you'll smile a little, feel a little younger, and be a little happier. 
Our tree house are priced similar to many quality play houses. If you think about the process we go through to build one of our tree houses, you will see the incredible value they have.

We do lots of specialized, labor intense tasks for our customers.
For example, gathering our raw materials is a major cost, and a challenge every time we want to build another tree house. After all, we can't just go to a lumber store and pick up a 4,000 pound, 5' diameter tree log. We have to find it, buy it, load it and haul it home before we even start building it. Building things so crooked takes lots of extra time as well. This adds still more value to our tree houses.

Once you get to see a tree house in person, you will fall in love with it.
We have several models that fit any family size and yard space. Our tree houses fill yard space very efficiently because we utilize a lot of vertical space. If you were to become one of our happy tree house owners, you will see the value every time you walk past it.

Every compliment you'll get will confirm that you made a great choice.
Please give us a call or drop an email. We will be happy to help you choose a tree house that fits both your family size, and your budget.

Can you say the same thing for a traditional play set?

    They feature enormous recycled logs, whimsical playhouses, and authentic relics that range from wagon wheels to huge brass ship’s portholes. Each tree house is a fully functional play house, that doubles as a conversation centerpiece of your landscape and triples as a creator of memories that last a lifetime!

    The ladder in the center of the huge, hollowed out log provides access to the trap door in the floor of the crooked clubhouse. We offer several designs and a list of options that give you a multitude of possibilities (or we can work with you to design and build a custom creation). Options include exterior stairs, balconies, spiral slides, bridges, cargo net railing, talk tubes, swings, monkey bars, bear carvings and more. We’re ready to work for you now! Give us a call and we’ll take it from there.
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